Saturday, November 9, 2013

foster families of children with special needs

The placement is a form of foster children with family problems. In the case of special placement , these children who, besides having a difficult family situation , have health problems or disabilities.

In a previous post we talked about foster children . It is a supportive option chosen by many families, temporarily adopting a child ( for a maximum of two years ) while their biological families than their situation. The special placement is unfortunately little known variant .

Features of the placement of children with special needs

The special foster care refers to children who, for their own condition , are much more difficult to access family welcome them . These are children with a difficult childhood :

    Children with disabilities (physical, mental or sensory ) .
    Children with chronic diseases (such as HIV )
    Children with specific problems ( conduct)
    Groups of children ( siblings)

The very condition of these children makes their adoption or fostering is much more complicated. Some of these children need homes adapted permanent medical assistance , school programs, counseling .

Foster care program for children

The foster care program for children with special needs are not looking for a particular family model . Any family can take care of these children , either parent , gay or lesbian parents , single parents , traditional families ... Families should spend idoniedad process and are assisted throughout the duration of the host .

In fact, this type of hosting is more intense and often has a pre-adoptive character , since in many cases the children have lost their links with their birth families , precisely because of their special needs.